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As mortgage brokers, we witness firsthand the aspirations of first-time buyers eager to step onto the property ladder.

Saving for a substantial deposit can feel like a daunting task, often delaying homeownership for years. But there’s exciting news!

We can introduce you to a revolutionary mortgage option: 99% Loan-to-Value Mortgages (LTV) featuring the £5,000 Deposit Mortgage.

This innovative product from Accord Mortgages, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS), available through us at Alexander Southwell Mortgages, empowers first-time buyers like never before.

Affordability challenges have been a major issue with first time buyers getting on the housing ladder for years, but this should make home ownership a little easier.

Let’s explore how a 99% LTV mortgage with a minimal £5,000 deposit can unlock the door to your client’s dream home.

Accord Mortgages

The Power of 99% LTV Mortgages for First-Time Buyers:

  • Reduced Upfront Cost: Forget the days of saving for a hefty deposit. With a 99% LTV mortgage, your clients only need £5,000 upfront.This significantly reduces the financial barrier to entry, allowing them to enter the property market much sooner.They can stop renting and start building equity in their own property, accelerating their financial journey.
  • Increased Buying Power: The 99% LTV unlocks a wider range of properties. Homes that might have previously seemed out of reach with a traditional deposit requirement are now within grasp.This flexibility empowers your clients to find a property that truly aligns with their needs and aspirations, whether it’s a larger space for a growing family or a property in a more desirable location.
  • Predictable Payments with Fixed Rates: For the initial five years, your clients will benefit from the security of a fixed-rate mortgage.This translates to consistent monthly payments, making budgeting and financial planning a breeze. This stability is invaluable, especially for first-time buyers navigating the initial costs of homeownership.
  • Expert Brokerage Support: At Alexander Southwell Mortgages, we’re dedicated to guiding your clients through every step of the process.We understand the intricacies of 99% LTV mortgages and can ensure they meet all the eligibility requirements. We’ll work tirelessly to secure the most suitable interest rate within this product and address any questions they may have along the way.


Transparency is Key: Understanding the Considerations

We believe in informed decisions. Here are some important factors to consider with 99% LTV mortgages:

  • Credit Score Requirements: Qualifying for a 99% LTV mortgage necessitates a strong credit history.We can help your clients understand their credit score and explore options to improve it if needed.
  • Potentially Higher Interest Rates: Since this is a high LTV mortgage, the interest rate may be higher compared to products with a larger deposit.We’ll work with you to compare rates and find the most cost-effective option that fits your client’s budget.
  • Property Limitations: The £5,000 Deposit Mortgage applies only to pre-existing houses. New builds, flats, and properties in Northern Ireland are not eligible. We can discuss alternative options if your client’s desired property falls outside these parameters.
  • Long-Term Commitment: A 40-year mortgage term signifies a long-term financial commitment. We’ll help your clients understand the implications and ensure they are comfortable with the monthly repayments over such a period.
  • Negative Equity Risk: While exciting, 99% LTV mortgages come with a slightly higher risk of negative equity, where the property value falls below the outstanding loan amount. We’ll discuss strategies to mitigate this risk and ensure your clients understand the long-term market outlook.


Does a 99% LTV Mortgage Pose A Higher Negative equity Risk?

This innovative product opens doors for many first-time buyers, but it’s crucial to assess each client’s individual circumstances.

Here are some questions we’ll explore together:

  • Risk of Negative Equity: With a smaller down payment, buyers are more susceptible to negative equity, where the property value falls below the outstanding mortgage amount. This could occur if house prices stagnate or decline after purchase.
  • Financial Comfort: Can your clients comfortably afford the monthly repayments, even with a potentially higher interest rate? We’ll conduct a thorough affordability assessment to ensure they are not overextending themselves financially.
  • Long-Term Goals: Are your clients prepared for a 40-year mortgage term? We’ll discuss their long-term financial plans and help them determine if this aligns with their future goals.
  • Property Options: Do your clients understand the limitations on property type and location? We’ll explore the available options within these parameters and ensure they find a suitable property that meets their needs.

How Could This Scheme Effect House Prices & The Overall Housing Market?

Increased Demand and Rising Prices:

  • More First Time Buyer: By making homeownership more accessible with a lower upfront cost, this scheme can bring more first-time buyers into the uk housing market. This increased demand could lead to:
    • Higher competition among buyers for properties, potentially driving up house prices.
    • Faster property sales, potentially reducing the time a property stays on the market.

Potential for Instability:

  • Increased Risk for Lenders: Since lenders are providing a larger loan relative to the property value, there’s a higher risk of default if borrowers struggle with repayments. This could lead to lenders tightening lending criteria in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s

  • Can these mortgages be ported to a different property?

The mortgage can be transferred to a new property, but no additional borrowing is allowed until the LTV falls below 95%.

  • What type of mortgage products are available with this mortgage scheme?

Currently, only 5 year fixed mortgage products are available. This has to be on a repayment mortgage.

Rates can often change, so make sure you speak to our mortgage brokers to discuss monthly mortgage payments & total mortgage costs

  • Are gifted deposits allowed?

Yes, you can receive a gifted deposit from an immediate family member. Your mortgage broker will explain what is required from them.

  • What credit score do aspiring homeowners need to have?

There isn’t a specific score but the Accord Mortgages will carry out more stringent assessments due to these being higher LTV mortgages.


Your Partner in Homeownership

At Alexander Southwell Mortgages, we’re passionate about empowering first-time buyers to achieve their dream of home ownership.

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